Urban Design & Environmental Planning for the Next Generation


You haven’t heard of Sand County Studios? Perhaps not, but that’s only because until recently we have applied our creative energies for some of the top design and planning firms in the world.    

In an age where big firms dominate, and mergers and acquisitions are all the rage, Sand County Studios is the exception. We are a small, boutique firm based in Atlanta, Georgia, and we place a premium on personal service. (We are a certified woman owned small business registered with the SBA.) We may not be one of the biggest design and planning firms around, but we are one of the best.  

Sand County was founded in 2003, and we are a firm formed in the digital age. Instead of having a lot of staff sitting in on office waiting for work to come in the door, we have a core group of highly skilled design and planning professionals, and we pull in other professionals as needed.  Because of this, we are able to build the best team for each project and provide our clients with the kind of specialized, one-on-one attention they need. We have learned to leverage today’s digital technology to be innovative and creative, to be nimble and cost-effective, and to solve potential geographic challenges.

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