Urban Design & Environmental Planning for the Next Generation

What We Believe

Sand County Studios is more a philosophy than a place.  You won’t find the name “Sand County” on a map anywhere, but the name is significant. Our name comes from Aldo Leopold’s Almanac, which builds upon the spirit of Henry David Thoreau’s Walden. The Sand Counties were the birthplace of land conservation and land ethics, and our approach to design and planning is based upon these concepts. The philosophy of Walden and Leopold are as relevant today as they were generations ago. 

We are disciples of Leopold, Thoreau, John Muir, Ian McHarg, Jane Goodall, Grant Jones, and others who believe we need an intelligent and harmonious relationship with the natural world.  Leopold wrote, "There are some who can live without wild things, and some who cannot." At Sand County Studios we clearly fit the latter category, and we have integrated this value into our work.

We are very selective about the projects we work on, and only get involved with those that fit our values.

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